The Launch Party With A Side Of Guilt

We had SUCH fun welcoming some of our girlfriends (and a few very brave guys) to Tatum’s Pubshed for the LadyBits Launch Party and Live Recording! Thank you to Jay & Tara Tatum for hosting us in your beautiful home and pub for an unforgettable night of sharing food, lots of wine and some great conversation.

We brought our favorite wines that we have talked about on the podcasts but the guest favorites were definitely the Boom Boom Syrah and the 19 Crimes Cab! You can get them both at most markets. Amanda picked these up on sale at Lowes Foods!

After some great eats and fun girl talk, we gathered everyone around to have our first (but not the last!) live episode recording. The topic was LadyGuilt and DON’T WE ALL NEED TO TALK ABOUT THAT!

We let ourselves feel all the negative feels for so many things and if we don’t keep that in check we can get into some real trouble. If we are feeling ashamed because our lives are not measuring up to someone else’s life, we need to stop that shit. It’s unhealthy and completely unproductive! If we are feeling guilt because our actions are not living up to the values we have in place in our lives, then THAT can actually be helpful to push us towards the best version of ourselves that we can be.

So listen in. Join the conversation. Talk to us! You can do that through email at or DM us on IG @theladybitspodcast or message us on Facebook!

xoxo – Abbye + Amanda

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