MINI EP: 12 Here We Are And Here We Go

Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by – we are glad you’re here! Abbye, here. I’m the one that is around the blog most often and writing the show notes. Today’s mini episode is all about Amanda’s natural deodorant and my body pillow that Todd affectionately calls, “Chester”. First let’s talk about being smelly. It’s summer […]

EP 12: Driving The Summer Struggle Bus

Hi, friends! Abbye, here. Welcome back and thanks for listening in to episode 12! We are talking about summer time again this week – and specifically how to have a memorable summer with your kids that is as relatively stress free as possible! Summer break is almost here and having a plan just makes things […]

Mini EP: 08 Neck Spanks + Other Recommendations

Welcome to this week’s mini-episode, “Neck Spanks and Other Recommendations! This week we are talking about curly hair products and online grocery ordering! (and neck spanks, DON’T WE WISH THAT WAS A THING?) Abbye shared about her favorite curly hair products. After living with her crazy hair for 43 years, she finally has a handle […]