MINI EP: 12 Here We Are And Here We Go

Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by – we are glad you’re here!

Abbye, here. I’m the one that is around the blog most often and writing the show notes.

Today’s mini episode is all about Amanda’s natural deodorant and my body pillow that Todd affectionately calls, “Chester”.

First let’s talk about being smelly. It’s summer time so this is even more of an issue for all of us now! We are going to have some natural funk – and that’s OK! But we can also do our best to eliminate as much of that stank as we can, without harming our health in the process.

Conventional antiperspirants have tons of chemicals and metals that are super detrimental to our bodies! I get it. We use them because they work! (DUH) But listen, loves. We can do better. Using natural deodorants are the way to go. Your body needs to sweat… it’s the way be rid ourselves of certain toxins. By avoiding the chemicals and such that are in antiperspirants, we are also avoiding our bodies absorbing all of that nonsense.

Amanda’s favorite go-to for staying fresh and non-funky is… the Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant!

Love Beauty and Planet Natural Deodorant

Next, I am talking about one of the things that helps me sleep SO much better. As I have gotten older, my hips have started to really bother me when I lay on my side. (and I can’t lay on my stomach or back because: also ouch) So, I decided to add a body pillow to my nighttime routine. I place it between my ankles and it runs up between my knees and then I hug it close to my torso. It elevates my knees just enough to take the pressure off of my hips and BONUS, it snuggles me without body heat! SCORE!

I use the Snuggle Pedic Luxury Bamboo Body Pillow

Snuggle Pedic Bamboo Cooling Body Pillow

It’s cooling and super soft yet supportive and I SLEEP LIKE A DREAM! (what else would you ever need in life?)

I also ordered the pillow case that fits:

White body pillow case

If you’re having trouble sleeping because of back or hip pain, I highly recommend this miracle! Let me know if you try it out and what you think!

Thanks again for hanging out and listening! We hope you’ll come back and listen again.

xoxo – Amanda + Abbye

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