MINI EP 13: Fanny’s Favs – Chili Garlic Paste+ Queen!

Happy Friday! Abbye, here. We loved having Fanny Slater with us in Episode 13 earlier this week and so we asked her to stick around for a bit and share two of her favorite things for the mini episode. (We just had so much fun we weren’t ready for her to go home yet)

Fanny Slater, Abbye McGee and Amanda Holloman share a drink and a laugh at a local downtown Wilmington bar, Slainte!

We obviously continued the party to Slainte for a drink… because that’s where you can always find Fanny!

The first thing she told us about is Chili Garlic Paste! It’s full of flavor and while it does have some heat, you can definitely control it by how much you use in a dish or by balancing it with something sweet like honey or brown sugar. Stir it into a soup or add it to a stir fry – and use your google search bar to find some recipes that incorporate it for other ideas! I use it a lot as well and echo Fanny’s recommendation – it’s AMAZING!

Next she dives in to all things QUEEN! Have you seen Bohemian Rhapsody yet? If not, you can rent it on Amazon Prime or Red Box. (are those still around? I don’t know.. someone tell me!)

AND THEN – she gives us a bonus! Her favorite cookbook, besides her own of course, is Salt Fat Acid Heat. If you haven’t watched the Netflix doc, go do that right now and get the cookbook – YOU GUYS SO GOOD!

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to tune in every Tuesday and Friday for new episodes.

xoxo – Amanda + Abbye

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