EP 16: Tabata Ciabatta

personal trainer lara boyer

We were so excited to have Lara Boyer in the studio with us for this episode! She is a personal trainer and health coach and also just one of our favorite people… so tune in and listen up!

We are talking about all of the excuses we use to NOT take care of ourselves – and Lara just rips all of those excuses to shreds with expert precision that hurts like hell and also feels really really good.

Weird? Yep. Also good? Indeed.

Lara is also giving our listeners a STUPID good deal on summer programming that you can do at home WITH NO EQUIPMENT! For $15 she will program 5 days of body weight workouts that you can use to get kickstarted or if you are traveling away from your home gym and need something you can do anywhere. See? NO DAMN EXCUSES. 5 days of Lara’s programming is typically $30 so you are getting a fantastic deal!

All you need to do is email her at boyerperformance@gmail.com, mention the podcast and she will hook you up!

As always, thank you for tuning in and hanging out with us. It would mean the world to us if you would share us with your friends and help spread the word! Tag us on the socials with a screenshot when you are listening, we love to see who is tuning in! (we are @theladybitspodcast on IG!)

xoxo – Amanda + Abbye

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