EP 14: Hashtag Neck Skin Is A Thing

Well. We finally did it. We recorded an episode about chin hair. And lots of other things that are awkward to talk about.

And there are a lot. We have somehow convinced ourselves that the things our bodies are doing naturally are shameful. AND THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Listen up, we have got to stop this shit. Our bodies are wonderful and miraculous things. God made us perfectly and we need to stop feeling bad or shameful about something that is so amazing.

But first of all, let’s talk about the wine. We drank the 19 Crimes Cab and WE LOVE IT! It’s now one of our go-to bottles!

Be sure to listen to today’s episode. It’s a good one. And we promise there will be more discussion to come about all of these things. But we had to just get it out there – rip off the bandaid – just say the things. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. (and now we just want to talk about it all the time – so get ready!)

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xoxo – Abbye + Amanda

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