EP 12: Driving The Summer Struggle Bus

Hi, friends! Abbye, here. Welcome back and thanks for listening in to episode 12! We are talking about summer time again this week – and specifically how to have a memorable summer with your kids that is as relatively stress free as possible! Summer break is almost here and having a plan just makes things so much easier in the long run.

First of all, the wine we drank in this episode is the Cannonball 2016 California Cab – AND IT’S A TWIST OFF! Amanda picked it up at her local grocery store and we loved it! (well… we LIKED it)

cannonball cabernet wine

So, summer time when the kids are out of school can be really stressful if you aren’t prepared. The kids get bored (even though they have a million toys/shows/books/friends… *insert eye roll*)

We thought it would be fun to share a few ideas to help you have a great summer and not want to punch your kids in the throat! (WIN/WIN)

Abbye’s 3:

  1. Flashlight Tag!! Here are the rules!
  2. Have a “Yes Day”. This is a day where one child gets to plan the day and anything goes! Do they want skittles for breakfast? Answer: YES! Do they want to make mud pies all day? Answer: YES! Do they want to shop till they drop for a new pair of kicks? Answer: YES! Anything goes (within reason) but you definitely have to lay some ground rules and set expectations. Set a budget and stick to it. Set a boundary – ie: we can’t go further than x number of miles away. Get it? HOW FUN! (I want a yes day, too!)
  3. Have a beach day and plan well for it. Try and go early-ish in the morning or at dusk so the crowds and the temps are lower. Plan for plenty of snacks – because kids are little trash compactors. Take a beach umbrella for some shade. And, maybe most importantly, go with a family that has kids the same age as yours! They will entertain each other so you can sit there with your adult beverage and listen to the waves. HELLO!

Amanda’s 3:

  1. Have a pool day! Find a community pool or a friend with a neighborhood pool and pack up the fam for some water fun. Some of her tips to make it successful are – Play fun games like diving for treasure, marco polo and shark out of the water. Pack the kids’ PJs and shampoo and let them shower off before you get in the car to leave for home! They will be super tired and ready for bed – woohoo!
  2. Hit up your local theater for $1 movies! Most movie theaters offer this service in the summer. They will show older family friendly movies for just $1/ticket! How fun?! This is an inexpensive way to get out of the heat and entertain the kiddos!
  3. Plan a picnic in the park with your kids. Let’s face it, kids have a TON of energy and you have to RUN THEM regularly. If they sit on the couch all day they (and you) are going to go crazy. Also, kids love to help so let them help you pack the picnic. They are more likely to eat it if they have a hand in packing it!

Lastly, if you don’t have a beach or a pool in your town and aren’t planning a trip to water, find out what your city has to offer and plan out your summer! Enjoy where you live and act like you’re a tourist even if you aren’t! There are so many fun things to do if we will think outside the box.

We would love to hear from you – what are you doing with your kids this summer? (because we need ideas, too – it’s a long summer YOU GUYS!) Leave us a comment or shoot us an email to hello@theladybitspodcast.com.

xoxo – Abbye + Amanda

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