EP 11: Winter Needs To Get Mowed The Hell Out

We are 100% here for summer time! Because we live at the beach, we are outside a LOT and we know that many of you look for outdoor activities this time of year as well. It’s so important to take care of yourself when you are going to be in the heat and water a lot and we are talking about our top tips for surviving and looking HOT in the process!

First of all let’s talk about sun screen! Ditch those nasty chemical laden sprays and look for natural options! We love Alba and Badger – both are great options for chemical FREE full coverage sunscreen so that you can enjoy the sun without suffering long-term. The specific ones we use are here:

We also talked about HAIR down there (as we always do…) and how to get rid of it for summer if that’s what you’re into.

Some tips to follow if you are visiting your salon for a bikini wax:

  1. Don’t make an appointment the week before or the week after your period – so plan carefully. Your skin is more sensitive during those time.
  2. Don’t drink alcohol for 2-3 days before your appointment. It will make your skin more sensitive!
  3. Exfoliate the day before. (see the homemade body scrub recipe below!)
  4. Cleanse well with tea tree oil or witchhazel
  5. Using a skin soothing serum afterwards (you have to try Bliss Your Situation) and then go commando the rest of the day!


1/4 cup warm (but not hot) honey, 2 T coconut oil or avo oil, 1/2 cup brown or white sugar and the essential oil of your choice for fragrance (Abbye LOVES lavender oil for this!) Just mix it all up in a glass jar and keep in your shower for regular use! (PS don’t use right after you’ve shaved or been waxed OUCH)

Amanda also talked about her FAV sunnies, her GO TO hat and The Best Beach Bag

For other tips and warm weather self-care advice, be sure you’ve listened to the episode! We get all up in your self-care business because we love ya’!

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xoxo – Abbye + Amanda

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