EP 09: Wine Plastics + Conflict Resolution

In this week’s episode, we are talking about conflict resolution! Conflict is normal in any relationship, but learning how to manage it well is no easy task. Tempers and emotions flare up and things can get out of hand quickly.

Where we get into deep trouble is when conflict moves over into contentiousness. So how do we avoid THAT?

We talked about 5 tactics to fight well and keep us in healthy conflict instead of contentiousness. Here they are as a reminder for you!

  1. Maintain control. Don’t allow yourself to get so far that you can’t keep your emotions and words in check.
  2. Listen actively and DON’T interrupt!
  3. Don’t keep score or drag up the past – even though that is such a huge temptation!
  4. Don’t criticize or name-call.
  5. And most importantly, apologize. {you can do it!}

For more in depth discussion of this topic, be sure to tune in and listen to the discussion! We don’t pretend to be experts, but we ARE good at talking things through and figuring some things out that could be helpful for us all.

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xoxo – Abbye + Amanda

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