Ep 01: Don’t Tell Our Mothers

Hi there and welcome to the first episode of The Lady Bits Podcast! We are so glad you are here and hope you enjoyed listening along to our inaugural podcast. Each episode will be joined by show notes right here on the blog so you can find links and bullet points for ALL THE THINGS. 

First things first… we drank one of our favorite wines!! Abbye brought one of her go-to’s – 14 Hands Cabernet! It’s cheap and easy just like we like it. https://www.14hands.com/shop/red-wines/2016-cabernet-sauvignon You can find it at any market so get to it!

Listen, we know that self-care is a buzz word these days. It’s something that we all know we should be giving attention to but we obviously all have waaaaay too many things going on. 

But one of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to nurture our relationships with girlfriends! Did you know that having good relationships with our girlfriends is good for our health? (https://www.nature.com/articles/nrc1608

This episode is all about making an effort to take care of yourselves and one of the best (and most fun!) ways to accomplish that is by hanging out with your girls! So go take a listen if you haven’t already and then pick up the damn phone and call your girls. It’s time for a girls night out! 

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Check out the mini episode coming on Friday where talk about some things that we just can’t live without. 

xoxo… Amanda + Abbye