Hi, loves! Abbye, here. I’m the old lady of this podcasting duo… the one with the hair that doesn’t behave, the bad habit of fidgeting excessively, and the propensity for occasional hyperbole.

I’m a mom of two ridiculously beautiful and almost perfect kids plus two bonus kids who make my life so much sweeter! I’m a wife to hottie hot Todd who graciously puts up with my oddities and makes me feel like the most loved woman on the planet.  I’m an introverted extrovert who CAN NOT BELIEVE I am agreeing to let you all in on my life like this. COME ON. I’m also a musician + professional baker + food blogger + NOW a podcaster!

I love my family + all the doggos + our little beach town + feeding people + wine + true crime TV + talking the shit with my girlfriends.

I don’t love beer + mean people + rain in the winter + pickles or early morning alarms.

Thanks for hanging out with us!

xoxo – Abbye


Hello friends….my name is Amanda and I am the partner in crime to Abbye for The Lady Bits Podcast. I’m loud, opinionated and often times my humor is compared to that of a teenage boy…you’ve been forewarned.
I’m a mother of two kids and wife to a very sexy, bearded man. I’m a full time photographer who’s passionate about music, art and spending time with people in my circle. I like to wake up with coffee and fall asleep with wine and I’m a big fan of eating ALL things. I am a typical “first born” who falls in line with structure, responsibility and independence. I’m feisty….but many find that endearing….at least that’s what I tell myself.
A few things I constantly try to keep in check:
Find a way to serve the people around you….you won’t regret it.
Honesty and transparency are key components to the foundation of life.
Laughter heals.
I look forward to spending time with all of you over the radio waves.
Cheers – Amanda